At the top of 17th century society were the nobility. Below them were the gentry. Gentlemen were not quite rich but they were certainly well off. Below them were yeomen, farmers who owned their own land. Yeomen were comfortably off but they often worked alongside their men. Gentlemen did not do manual work! Below them came the mass of the population, craftsmen, tenant farmers and labourers.

Part of the exercise was to see that a person who left a will could be found and their status and inter family marriages at Saint Peters Church, Stratton.

The time line is from the earliest available records 1538. I saw the original red leather bound books in the Vestry safe of St.Peter’s Church in the 1950’s and even then had been attacked by wood lice. The oldest one was dated to Elizabeth 1st reign with the characteristic jagged black spikes of writing. They are now at the Gloucester Archives.

The BMD information is taken from Family Search.

BMD information finishes for most families in the 18th century as the purpose is to discover old families who lived in Stratton.

“Not found” means that on available Stratton BMD information from the Family Search.  Dates associated with “family” are when they were present in Stratton.

Marriage links between families marked blue